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37th Annual ESPID Meeting

ESPID Membership

You may be required to upload documents in support of your online application. Please read these instructions in full before continuing to the application process.


Anyone interested in PID field can become ESPID member. Applications must be done online and are subject to acceptance by the ESPID board under the terms of Article 4 of the Association.

New members' applications are normally processed within 1 month. Membership is entered per calendar year.

ESPID members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Annual online subscription to the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal (PIDJ) (12 issues per year)
  • ESPID fellowships and awards (subject to "good standing member" status)
  • Access to the new ESPID Education platform (education.espid.org)
  • Reduced registration fees for ESPID Annual Meetings
  • Discounted participation in a number of prestigious scientific courses
  • Voting rights


Please note that all the applications received after September 30th will be automatically considered as applications for the following year.

Please complete all sections. Your CV should include more details on your education and qualifications, current and previous posts, and any publications (even if these are not recent, up to 10). Publications are not compulsory.

Please have this ready to upload in a suitable format (gif/jpg/doc/pdf/txt). You must include the name of a current ESPID member who supports your application. We will check this approval before your application is processed. If you are applying for a Trainee category, you will be required to upload or provide a completed Trainee Declaration Form (required in first year only).

There are several categories of ESPID membership and their annual fees:

  • Online Membership (Euro 100) - PIDJ online access
  • Members in Training (Euro 60) - members who are training in PID (valid only for 3 consecutive years) - PIDJ online access
  • Members from Resource Limited Countries (Euro 50) – members who live in one of the listed  resource limited countries - PIDJ online access


  • If you have been a member of ESPID previously, but have let your membership lapse, you can rejoin now, without paying for the missing years. However, your membership will only count from the year of rejoining for the purposes of "good standing" points which make you eligible for awars and other benefits. Note that it is not possible to pay for memberhsip for the current year after 30th September.


Membership is payable by the following methods and will be requested once your membership is approved:

  • Online by credit card
  • Bank transfer - for more details click here

Membership Certificate available upon request to membership@espid.org

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