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ESPID Online Courses 2016

Get your education planned for the year ahead – take part in one of our excellent CPD accredited online courses. 

Our unique courses give you the opportunity to learn in depth about: Antibiotic management; HIV (in collaboration with PENTA); and vaccination (in collaboration with WHO).

Our courses are tutored online, so you can get direct access to the module authors with your questions, lively forum discussions makes learning more fun, and where possible case based learning is used.

Registration for the online courses opens two months before the start date, places are limited to you are advised to book up well in advance.
The courses are all very reasonably priced, taking account of ESPID membership, and country of origin.
The ESPID case rounds enable you to keep up hone your diagnostic skills for clinically challenging infection cases.


one course per year

No of modules 6 released fortnightly
Online course opens    09.5.2017
Registration opens    13.3.2017
Course organiser   Charlotte Male
Course Director   Steve Welch 


Antibiotic Management             

 two courses per year

For more information about the course, click here >>

No of modules 6 released weekly
1st online course opens 30.5.2017
1st registration opens 27.3.2017
2nd online course opens 6.11.2017
2nd registration open 4.9.2017
Course organiser Lorraine Gray
Course Director Chrissie Jones
Course aims
  • To provide internet-based training that will increase participant awareness and knowledge of good antimicrobial stewardship practices.
  • The course will focus on inpatient use of antibiotics

Wiser Immuniser              

two courses per year

For more information about the course, click here >>

No. of modules           6 released weekly
1st online course opens 3.4.2017 
1st registration opens 6.2.2017 
2nd online course opens 16.10.2017 
2nd registration open 14.8.2017
Course organiser  Lorraine Gray
Course Directors Asgeir Haraldsson & Vana Spoulou
Course aims

The ESPID online course on vaccination aims to provide internet-based training that will:

  • increase participant knowledge of vaccine-preventable diseases including clinical presentation, diagnosis, management, treatment, prognosis and public health implications
  • Increase participant knowledge of vaccines and their side effects and contraindications
  • Improved participant skills in communicating with patients and caregivers about vaccination, including addressing common misconceptions and tackling vaccine hesitancy.



Case Rounds              

10 cases per year